Verse of the Day 

“Why have you sought the gods of the people, which could not rescue their own people from your hand?”
II Chronicles 25:15b NKJV

Are you and I guilty of putting other gods before God?

Judah trusted God enough to be obedient to the Lord. But, when their eyes were drawn to the gods of the people they had just defeated, they failed the test and paid dearly for it. Think about how crazy it is. You have the real God of the Universe on your side. He helps you win your battle, then you go and collect the statues of the defeated and set them up for yourself. These are the statues that were supposed to protect their people and now you set them up for yourself.  That is crazy, nuts, and totally wrong.

Is God testing you? With what? Is He allowing things shiny and bright into your life to test you? Will you let it become your God? Or will you cast those things away and trust Him?

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